Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Save The Date.

I've never heard about Save the date-cards before starting to read wedding blogs. Apparently this is very trendy very Anerican thing in which you can spend the excess money that you will of course have in your wedding budget. I don't think this is very common in Finland, at least I've never received such card being invited in two weddings, which to the other one I kinda accidentally invited myself to, I guess it's no wonder...

Anyhow, point of the card is that it is sent well in advance, before the actual invitations. Maybe in some situations this feels completely pointless. But as our wedding will be quite far away from the guests, and those who would like to join have to plan it quite early, we thought this could be a good idea. We already decided THE date on they day of proposal, so why not tell it to the people we want to invite. :)

My original idea got some influences from wedding blogs I've been reading; I was thinking that we could get someone taking few nice pictures from us, make a collage out of them and the print it as a card. Yeah, I like collages...

But so it happened that while I was still thinking about doing something my most-wonderful-ever fiance had already taken care of the whole thing. He picked one picture of us and asked his friend to create the cards. And the result is cute and cheerful, just like us ;) So rather soon some lucky ones will receive this card:

Friday, July 19, 2013

Language challenges.

As you can imagine the language is quite big question in our wedding. Ceremony in Poland for German-Finnish couple who communicate mostly in English. Like there is not enough to think about in wedding planning in general. ;)

First of all, apparently due to some legal stuff, the wedding ceremony will be in Polish. In order for us both to understand where we are putting ourselfs into, there has to be sworn translator to translate the ceremony. What we are not 100% sure of is whether it could be translated in English. But as finding a German translator from Poland where the second most spoken language after Polish seems to be German is not too difficult, we will most likely have one. But. What comes to Finnish then? Well, you might already guess it is not very common in Poland to know Finnish, not even in this city that seems to be full of people who "loooove" Finland. But for objectivity I would really like to have the ceremony translated into my own language too. And also for the sake of some family members and friends whose English/German is a bit rusty.

I have been asking around in this Polish-Finnish translator matter. Belive it or not, there is a Polish person living in Wroclaw who actually really knows Finnish. But unfortunately he is not "sworn translator" in Poland. So now we will have to check if his Finnish certification would be enough.

Also I received a list of translators from the embassy of Finland in Warsaw. I have to go through those names, but none of them are here, so it might cost a LOT of money to get them travelling...

We'll see. I hope we will figure this out somehow. Maybe we will have translated leaflets of the ceremony for the guests, like subtitles. :D

In general we would like to have the wedding in two languages, i.e invitations, menu, ceremony. Of course we have to be flexible with this and for example music will propably be mostly in English.

In the end, I'm sure no matter what the mother tongue is everyone will for sure understand what we are celebrating.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our wedding venue.

As I have mentioned before, our wedding take place here in Wroclaw. I've already heard few comments wondering why here (especially from my Polish friends). You see, in Poland it is apparently a tradition to have the wedding in bride's home town.

Well, we have few (good) reasons why it will be Wroclaw:
  • it's almost as far from both of ours home
  • everything is cheaper (so much more food & booze!)
  • we live here, so it's easier to organize all
  • and it's the place were we fell in love
Enough reasons already...? ;)

When we first started to think where exactly the wedding would take place, we were checking some wedding venues close to Wroclaw. The plus in these places would be that they have ready packages with food, music etc. so it should be quite easy. And someone has already thought that the place is suitable for wedding.

Well, we decided we don't want easy. :D you see, it is also a minus if everything is ready. There's not so much space for personality then. Plus it's expensive (even here).

So my fiancé had an idea - we could have the wedding at his work. Now, I know, this sounds terrible. But his office building is not the common one. It's huge, very old, almost castle like, house. With a pretty garden. First I was not sure about this idea, but when I started to think it more I started to really like it: it's close, it's free (almost at least), we can decide which catering we want to use, the band, decoration, everything! More work for us of course, but the wedding will be truly "us". :)

We have already asked whether our idea would be possible. And the boss said yes! So now we are only waiting for the very final decision, but it looks good.

The plan would be to have both the ceremony and the party after in the garden. In case of some rain we would have one or two tents, so that the dining and ceremony "areas" would be covered. And if it's really stormy or freezing (should not be in June, but never say never) we could also be inside.



Wednesday, July 10, 2013


For us it felt very natural that we would get married rather soon. But we wanted summer wedding. So we have decided that our wedding will be next June here in Wroclaw (I will propably write more about the location later). Obviously hard-core planning started right away. I already have some ideas that I wanted to share....

I really like pastel colors, and what would be more suitable for wedding than baby-pink, -yellow and -green. I also like ever-so-boring beige and white. There should be lots of flowers. And candles. And maybe something glittery. And I absolutely L O V E these paper lanterns, M U S T  H A V E.

Right now I would like my bouquet to be roses, light pink and yellow. We'll see how hard it is to get them. ;)

Hair is very important for me, even I'm not hairdressing too much anymore (if I ever was). My hair is very Finnish, which unfortunately is not a compliment. So I thought I would get extensions, to get my hair to look as glamorous as in these pictures. I don't want it to be too sleek, I feel more comfortable with a little bit of hippie. ;) and I wouldn't need to stress about the hair, because these styles look better as the day goes by (at least this is what they always say in the women's magazines).

I like especially the ones with the headband, they bring greek goddess in my mind. Some "greek" style can be seen also in the dress style I like:

I'm both excited and terrified about trying dresses (I didn't yet). I'm little bit afraid if there is nice dresses for "under-sized" people like me. :P In my head I would look like a 10 year old who borrowed mom's dress. I certainly hope this image will change.

Despite the fact that I'm short, I wouldn't want to wear high-heels. I want to feel comfortable and confident, and I'm not used to any stilettos...

I'm sure that these ideas will develop and change and propably some are too expensive or difficult to fulfill, but it's a start, right?

Friday, July 5, 2013

The List

No, this is not about the guest list for the wedding. This is about another very important list.

As some of you might know my boyfriend, *krhhm* fiancé, has about the coolest job in the world. He has opportunity to travel and see the world and someone is paying for that. This means that we will move to a new country every now and then, usually every 4 years. Next summer he's been living here in Wroclaw for four years and it's time to move on. Where - that we don't know yet.

And this is what THE LIST is about. Very soon we are supposed to receive a list of open positions around the world for next year. And from this list we will choose about 10 destinations where we would like to go. Exciting? Definetely!

For now we have the whole world open - we are not too picky where to move. I would like it to be quite warm country, and I would like there to be "normal" living conditions and some work opportunities for me too. With this I mean that we will propably not move to a country where women and men have very inequal rights. And we will propably not move to Siberia. Also in our wish list has been to move outside of Europe. As you can imagine our parents are not too glad about that. But we would not stay far forever, just for few years. ;)

Where would you go if you could live (almost) anywhere?

Where will we move? We'll see...


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How did it happen?

Now I'm sure at least some of you are dying to know how it happened. The engagement I mean. So I will ease your curiosity and reveal some parts.

The ingredients were:
-home, just before going for our "1 year living together"-dinner
-huuuuge bouquet of red roses
-the most beautiful speech I've ever heard
-my favourite love song "Ja" by Silbermond
-one very nervous boyfriend <3

As I don't ever wear jewelry, my boyfriend wanted to ask me whether I would like to have a ring or not. We decided that we want to show everybody that we belong to each other, so the next day we bought very beautiful rings for both of us. I'm still getting used to wear the ring, but I have to admit that it looks very nice. <3

Und Ja ich atme dich
Ja ich brenn' für dich
Und Ja ich leb' für dich...jeden Tag
Und Ja ich liebe dich
Und Ja ich schwör' auf dich und jede meiner
Fasern sagt Ja

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Big news

So it happened that when I started to work, I got very lazy with the blog. Surprise, surprise.
Well now I've decided to shape up and start writing again.

The reason for this sudden inspiration is that I have big news!
Are you ready? Here it comes:


So propably from now on it will be more about all the lovely, cute, super-sweet wedding stuff. I hope you don't mind. ;)