Friday, August 31, 2012

WARNING: If you don't believe in baby pink love stories, stop reading.

I wanted to write little bit about my life here with my honey bunny, because it's likely that someday in future everything is not so baby pink and lovely as it is now in the beginning. So then I can read this post and remind myself what is it all about.

We both were living long time alone and at least I am pretty private person. But since I met my boyfriend there has not been a single moment that I would rather spend alone than with him. We moved together when we did not really know each other so much. But somehow you just know...

We have not had a single fight or nothing even close, even thou we are together a lot and we've been travelling, tired, hungry and had enourmous need to go to toilet. :D I know how this sounds. I am definetely not a person who thinks that relationship without fights is a perfect relationship. But I don't see any reason to upset the one I love, if there is no need. And there has not been.

Whether we travel or just stay at home or go to some events, we always have same plan in mind. We don't really have to discuss or make compromises because we want to do same things anyway. Everytime I see him, in the morning when I open my eyes, when he comes home from work, or off from shower (no, we don't shower together, not every time at least ;) ) I smile. And I'm so glad he is there and that he is mine.

There is one thing thou, one small crack in perfectness. :D He likes football and all the other sports there is: tennis, rugby, american football, hockey, baseball, boxing, athletics... you name it he knows all about it. I'm not too into this kind of stuff. But somehow I've managed to watch more football than ever before in my life, or actually sports in general. I will not say I would love it or that I would even like it, but I've learned to tolerate it. But when I see how important it is for him and how passionate he is about it, it becomes kinda weirdly lovable feature. :D

Because I am a realistic person (or pessimistic) I've been trying to think what will be the topic of our very first fight. My best guess is the football, but we'll see. I will let you know. ;)

But in mean time I will enjoy this dream, that seems to be far more wonderful than I ever imagined. <3

And to conclude this post here is Mr. Ron Pope with Perfect for me.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Three months holiday.

Long time, no see. I had somekind of motivation problems to write. For sure I have not been too busy :P

So I was back in Finland for two weeks, finally my boyfriend met my parents and my friends. Everything went well, just as I thought, everybody liked each others and so on. :) And we also were in London for a week for Olympics. That was amazing too, London is much nicer city than I thought. (I've been there before, but only for few days.) I could imagine living there someday.

Anyway, the point of my sudden writing motivation burst is not to tell about the travelling but...

After coming back to Wroclaw, I started to feel somehow different. First I was not sure what is this feeling, but finally I got it. I want a job! Before I was sure I can go on like this, cooking, cleaning, running, doing nothing, forever, but no. It seems enough is enough even in free time. I miss the feeling after work, when you know you've earned your free time. Right now I feel very guilty for example just watching TV or laying in sun. I feel like I should be somehow beneficial every minute of the day.

I miss the feeling that somebody or something is 'forcing' me to be useful, because for this kind of person like me with very little self-discipline, it is hard to do by myself. So most of the time I'm just thinking I should do something and feeling bad about myself because I'm not. :D

I also miss complaining. Oh god, how I miss it! Because a person who does not go to work, who does not have to get up early in the morning or actually at all, does not have a right to complain about anything. At least that's how I feel...